Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mayor says "we're expecting snow"??

"Don't be fooled by that Green tree behind me, we're expecting snow!"

Ol' Mayor Salinas was on Pro8news at noon to let us all know that the city is ready for the apparent blizzard coming in. "We're expecting snow" the Mayor told Mindy Casso and Victoria Marshall. That came as news to me. I know we're supposed to get a hard freeze with temperatures expected to drop well into the 20s. Also, I understand that there is a very slight chance for some  precipitation on Thursday. However, I was somewhat puzzled when the Mayor said that the city had two truckloads of sand ready. Since sand is usually used to deal with icy roads, I guess we just might get some ice on Thursday after all.

On a positive note, Mayor Salinas said that the city has all departments on high alert and arrangements have been made to house those who need shelter from the cold. He mentioned the Laredo Civic Center as a place people can go to in order to stay warm. Any overflow from the Bethany House would also be directed to the Civic Center according to what the Mayor said. Hopefully, Nuevo Laredoans will also take the necessary precautions to guard against the frigid temperatures.

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