Friday, February 11, 2011

LISD board to review layoff policy

Any teachers whose contract will not be renewed need to be notified at least 45 days before the last day of school. This is dictated by state policy. At LISD's Thursday night's board meeting, Superintendent Nelson said that any layoffs will be announced in the next 60 to 90 days. Actually, these announcements should be made by mid-April at the latest.

As mentioned in today's LMT, Nelson also wants trustees to review the policy governing the expected layoffs. Nelson wants to ensure that the board is aware that performance is one of the components considered when making job cuts.

Here's some of the highlights of LISD's reduction-in-force policy. What I can deduce from Dr. Nelson's comments is that some un-certified, but effective teachers may be retained while some teachers who are fully-certified but not as effective, will be let go. This makes perfect sense being that what matters most is how effectively our children are being taught. However, It appears then, that the layoff policy should show Performance as critieria number one. By the way, as of last year, LISD was employing about 45 un-certified teachers in its classrooms.


1. Certification: Appropriate certification, endorsement, and/or
highly qualified status for current or projected assignment.

2. Performance: Effectiveness as reflected by appraisal records
and other written evaluative information.

If the Superintendent at his or her discretion decides that the documented
performance differences between two or more reduction-in-
force prospects are too insubstantial to rely upon, he or she may
proceed to apply criterion 3 and, thereafter and to the extent
needed, criterion 4.
3. Seniority: Length of service in the District, as measured from
the employee’s most recent date of hire.

4. Professional Background: Professional education and work
experience related to the current or projected assignment.
Once the Superintendent has identified the appropriate employees

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