Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School's out at LCC and TAMIU

It's freezing:  Hey Palomino, Is LCC still open?   Naaaaaayyyyyyy!

The freezing weather is forcing both Laredo Community College and TAMIU to close down.  Employees and students at LCC were notified that the "power was being shut off" and everyone was sent home at about 11am today. Apparently, TAMIU has also close shop for the day. The state's power grid has decided to implement some rolling blackouts throughout the state. It is not clear if the closing of LCC and TAMIU was a decision resulting directly from that decision. I, personally, haven't heard of any K-12 schools being closed due to the weather. The decision to hold classes at Laredo's public schools came late Tuesday from both LISD and UISD.

San Antonio has been having it's share of problems due to power outages/blackouts. Some people calling in to KTSA 550 AM were reporting that they had been without power for up to 6 hours. Many people reported being stuck in elevators. One caller who spoke to the "elevator people' was told that it would be a while because there a bunch of people stuck. Those few Laredoans who have to deal with elevators might think twice when deciding how to get to that 2nd floor.

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