Thursday, February 3, 2011

LISD's Budget Information Portal Survey now active

LISD wants your opinion on how to reduce costs. The Survey Says!!

As promised by Superintendent Nelson, LISD's website now includes the following survey. The district said it is encouraging input from employees, parents and the taxpaying public as to what recommendations they might have for helping to reduce costs and hopefully save jobs.  The following questions, which are directly mostly at teachers, are now posted on the LISD website. Incidentally, the second budget workshop which was scheduled for today, February 3rd at 1130am was instead cancelled. No word yet on when the next meeting will take place.

1: What measures would you recommend the district implement to reduce costs? 

2: What measures could your school/department implement to reduce costs?  

3: Would you be interested in early retirement if the school district offered an incentive?  

4: Are you considering early retirement at the end of this school year?  

5: Are you considering resigning from the school district any time this school year?

6: Do you have any additional comments or concerns?

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