Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TSTA calls for "A day of action" but offers no details

TSTA has over 4,000 members locally
It must sort of an inside thing. Today's Laredo Morning Times included a letter to the editor by teacher and TSTA member Ernesto Davila. It called for a day of action on behalf of all LISD teachers, staff, parents and  students. What was missing was any details of when or where this day of action will be. I think if they want the public to come out and support them, the least they can do is say something like "stay tuned for details". As it stands now, we know there's supposed to be a day of action and that's about it. I hope that no one loses their job and wish TSTA and all of LISD employees well but we need a little bit more information. Perhaps it's all in the planning stages.

Also, as Rod Stewart would say "Tonight's the Night" that LISD Superintendent Dr. Nelson is scheduled to offer more specifics about how the budget will be reined in. One would think that a full house would be in attendance at tonight's meeting. That would certainly go a long way towards signaling the upcoming "Day of Action". Who knows, maybe tonight is it. Of course, due to the absence of pertinent information, I'm merely speculating. Maybe it'll just be the usual suspects showing up, aka the well-paid administrators.

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