Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Text and Ye will find......that we too will seek and fine

You gotta admit, it's hands free.
I was more confused that I usually am tonight upon hearing Mayor Raul Salinas comment on the proposed no texting law. He said the following: "We're banning texting, sending and receiving, hands-free". I simply don't know what that sentence means. Unless you have some sort of kinetic power, no one can send nor receive texting hands free. He probably should have made it a bit clearer but I think he wanted to say that no drivers should text (send/receive) and they should keep their hands free. Who knows?

The other comment he made in reference to the pending ordinance was that he did not know yet what the fine will be. I suggest that they really think about this one. We have all read about how the city has been unable to collect on millions of dollars of old traffic fines. How are we going to collect new fines? One possible option would be to confiscate, yes confiscate one's cell/smart phone if you're caught texting while driving. I'm willing to bet that people will be tripping over themselves to get that smart phone back and will be glad to pay whatever fine is imposed.

I guess this law will result in a lot more people being stopped and ticketed for DWI, driving while informing. Although, sometimes you have to wonder what kind of information is so urgent that someone has to risk their lives and the lives of others in disseminating it.


  1. Actually an entire text message can be sent hands free, well by pushing two buttons....less than dialing a phone number.

    I do it on my EVO phone using the Vilingo app, and the voice prompt on the text screen.

    I don't send many text messages, but they mostly are hands free...I have the small typing keyboards.

  2. I guess I'm out of the loop on technology. Thanks for the clarification.