Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Laredo Main Street to be recognized at National Conference in Iowa?

I had heard that Laredo was going to be honored at the National Main Street Conference to be held in Des Moines, Iowa as you can see on the above logo. I don't know if the people up in DesMoines just haven't had a chance to update their program but I found no reference to Laredo at all on their current list of events. If Laredo is indeed one of the National Main Street Cities, then someone with the local group should call up to Des Moines and make sure that they are being included in the list of events for the conference. We need all the positive publicity we can get.

Also, I recall that last year Laredo Main Street  applied to be recognized as a Preserve America Community. I guess that application is still in progress because I haven't seen anything new on that front. One problem I do think that application process has is that there is no list of historical places readily available to the community.  If there is one, where can I get it? 

One more thing, I heard at tonight's council meeting that the Webb County Historical Association has just approved the design for the facade grant program that Laredo Main Street has been working on for the last couple of years. Let's hope that the actual work will start soon. We all know downtown Laredo can sure use a facelift.

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  1. Good questions! There is a historic landmark list on the city. It's a PDF file at www.ci.laredo.tx.us/city-planning/.../Historic/Landmarks.pdf

    but it has not been updated since 2000. Although... it is a big long process to get a building recognized by the state & feds as historic so maybe there haven't been more applications since then? Don't know. If you find out - let us know!