Sunday, February 6, 2011

Texas cartoonist jumps on the bandwagon, takes jab at Laredo

As the Fixx song says:  One joke leads to another.

Native Texan and cartoonist Roger Moore (nope, not James Bond) recently had an article written about him by  One of Moore's comments in the article is about how he happen to be in Laredo one time and came upon a sign that amused him so much that he just had to do a cartoon about the incident. As you might expect, it doesn't exactly paint Laredo in a postitive light. So, what else is new?

From the
"My mission is to try to keep the Texan culture alive and bind us somehow with a common Texas history," he said. Moore has produced more than 650 weekly cartoons and rarely repeats himself. The challenge is coming up with new ideas. It ain't easy. I tell people I try to be halfway amusing every week. If you think about it, history's not necessarily funny," he said.
That's why he tries to diversify it with facts or even odd signs like one he learned of outside a Laredo power plant. "It said, 'Touching this wire will cause instant death. If you disregard this notice, you will be arrested,' " he said with a laugh.
You got to hand it to the Gateway city, it has a way of finding itself, more often than not, as the butt of many a joke and even some cartoons.


  1. Ha! Try to put handcuffs on someone achicharroneado. Did they have the picture of the cartoon?

  2. no picture, I need to get after my so-called crack research team. Come to think of it- I don't remember looking for a picture-Hijole!