Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's 10pm, Do you know where your ice scrapers are?

crihko crihko crihko crihko : Sorry, that's the best sound effect I could come up with

Somewhere on your dashboard, there's probably a button for something called a defroster. Of course, in Laredo, it's possible you might not have used it in years, if at all. Well, it's pretty certain you're finally going to get a chance to use it. I say this because as of 10pm tonight, there's already a thin sheet of ice encasing our cars' windshields.

On Pro8news, they are recommending that you get up a bit earlier, turn on your car & defroster and wait for the ice to melt. Of course, if you don't like waiting, then take a look around the house; you might have a combination squeegee/ice scraper that you didn't even know about. If you do, you'll get to work out those biceps as you get that ice off your windshield. You might as well enjoy it, it's the closest we've come to experiencing snow in a few years.


  1. I will never laugh at seeing ice scrapers for sale at the dollar store again!!

  2. cha ching, I'll take a couple of those.