Friday, February 25, 2011

Bizzarro Billboard music charts : say it isn't so Ringo

I just don't believe what I read sometimes. Case in point, the cast of Glee (a show I've never watched) has somehow managed to have more hits on the billboard charts than the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley. It's obvious, we've re-entered the Bubble-gum age again. Let me make sure I understand this. A fabricated, corporate-picked bunch of performers are now the most successful recording act of all time?

To borrow a line from Dana Carvery's  grumpy old man, things were different in my day.   Looking back, some of the Beatle's most creative albums such as  Rubber Soul and  Revolver  were pretty good from the time they came out. Yet, we knew it was popular music. Well, in retrospect and especially when juxtaposed against today's gleeness, These 60s and 70s bands are sure starting to look more and more like Mozart.


  1. Hey, The Patridge Family had their run too.

    Granted, 'gleeks' will probably have an amusement park attraction to visit someday but the Beatles, Stones and Presley are in a league of their own.

  2. Even the Bee Gees took longer to become as popular as they did back in the Disco days. This was in a blink of the internet.