Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No way Laredo would stake it's economic future on gambling.....wanna bet?

At tonight's City of Laredo council meeting, district I councilman Mike Garza took the lead in pushing for legalizing gambling in Laredo. The council voted yes to pursuing not one but two forms of gambling ; horse race betting and slot machines would both be allowed under one roof. Think of it as a mini-mall for gamblers. What better way to spend the family's money than to blow it at the race track.

Earlier, I had read an article in the Laredo Sun on the same story. It seems that the only thing our city council is concerned about these days (and always) is making easy money. Why build up our schools and educate our workforce as a means to attracting new businesses when we can bring in an addictive vice like gambling? Here's a little bit of what appeared in the Laredo Sun:
A study of the Win for Texas promoters said that if approved the slot machines in places where races are held , the state would have an impact of $ 8.5 billion in the economy of Texas . It is also estimated that statewide it will create over 77 thousand jobs , 16 thousand of them in South Texas as it will benefit the development of some 40 different industries.
Who can argue with numbers like that? Sixteen thousands jobs created and over 40 different industries developed. I wonder how many of those industries will be necessary to deal with the gambling addiction, broken homes and bankrupt Laredoans that will be strewn in the wake of such a grand idea.


  1. Garza is a vice ridden dirty birdie himself so he sees it natural to bring such trash industries to our city in the interest of "commerce". Watch an episode or two of Hardcore Pawn on truTv. Based i Detroit it shows people coming in multiple times a day to pawn things to pay for their bills since they lost that money in the nearby casinos. This is the future the Garza/villrreal/salinas and the puppet payasos want for us, so they can suck bribe money from developers. Nice, frigging nice. FYI garza is in chArge of purchasing, shipping, receiving, warehousing, and distribution at his district. No conflict of interest there

  2. Thanks for posting and for reading. I have noticed that a lot of the busniness coming to Laredo are poverty-driven and predatory for lack of a better term. If it were up to city council we'd be the mecca of gambling and jails.

  3. Excellent insight

  4. Just saw mikes county commish stickers on an suv...red circle, blue capital g and 2012