Thursday, February 10, 2011

Webb's shenanigans continue in the news. It sounds like a recording

The way things are going, will there be enough parking for the FBI at Webb County?

The examples of abuse of power continue at your friendly Webb County commissioner's court. The county will now have to hire outside counsel to handle charges of retaliation against commissioner Tijerina by three county employees. They allege that because they did not campaign for Ms. Tijerina, they have been needlessly transfered. Two of the employees were transferred from a community center in Laredo to one in Bruni. The other was transferred from Bruni to Laredo. This move by Tijerina has resulted in extending the employees work-related day by two hours because of the commute.

Altough the county attorney (who is already on their payroll) would usually handle the case, the commissioners apparently ignore her advice. The Laredo Morning Times  is reporting that:
"Normally, the county attorney would represent Commissioners Court in a grievance case before the commission. But in its Monday meeting, the court is set to approve the hiring of outside counsel.“We have a conflict because they did not follow advice of counsel in this matter,” said County Attorney Anna Cavazos Ramirez.
Tijerina claims this is part of a county program meant to improve customer service. She says that rotating employees around will help them do their jobs better. If such a program does exist, then I'm sure the county will have  plenty of records of other employees being transferred around, even to and from Bruni. If not, Webb will probably end up loosing this one too.

With the situation at Webb County in shambles, you would think that they would bend over backwards to avoid any more negative publicity. Are their egos that inflated that they find it impossible to do the right thing and admit when they're wrong?  Just in the last week, the news has had several negative reports coming out of the commissioner's court. The media must just as well post a reporter downtown. Between the constant shenanigans at Webb county and the City of Laredo, it's bound to be a busy assignment.

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