Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mexico to supply Texas with much-needed electricity

Outages? We don't need no stinking outages!
I don't know if Arizona would be likely to get any help from Mexico if it were in a bind but it sure looks like Texas will. Amid state-wide power outages and rolling blackouts, Mexico will be supplying Texas with much needed electrical support. I know relations between the two countries are often strained but it's refereshing to see (or should I say warming to see) that Ol' Mexico is willing to give it's neighbor to the North a hand.

From Canadian Business Online
MEXICO CITY (AP) - Mexico will provide electricity to Texas to help the U.S. state weather an ice storm that has forced rolling blackouts.

Mexico's Federal Electricity Commission says it has agreed to transmit 280 megawatts of electricity to Texas between Wednesday and Thursday night.

A commission statement says the electricity will be transmitted at interconnection points in Nuevo Laredo — across the border from Laredo, Texas — and Piedras Negras, which sits opposite of Eagle Pass, Texas.
Rolling blackouts have been implemented across Texas, including in Super Bowl host city Dallas, due to high demand during the rare ice storm.

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