Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Texas sues valley couple, enforces anti-colonia laws

From the McAllen Monitor (Feb 14)

Two Cameron County subdivision developers have agreed to refund $155,860 to property buyers under an agreement reached with the state regarding the unlawfully developed colonia, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced Monday. The developers must bring El Jardin Subdivision into compliance with state rules before subdividing, selling, advertising and executing any new leases.

Public records show that on Thursday, Feb. 10, a district court in Travis County approved the agreement between Abbott and developers Guadalupe Perez and Petra Perez, a married couple. The sum will be refunded to property buyers Alonzo Peña and Mirthala Peña, the final judgment reflects.
The developers also agreed to pay the state $54,000 in civil penalties, $57,850 in attorney’s fees and investigative costs, and $1,789.85 in litigation costs.

According to the state’s lawsuit against the developers, they sold properties to the Peñas without water and sewer connections or the required bond for installation, Abbott said in a written statement.

“Border-area developers must comply with state colonias-prevention laws by providing basic water and wastewater services to residential lot purchasers,” Abbott added. Abbott vowed that his office would continue to work with local officials to enforce colonia-prevention laws.

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