Saturday, February 5, 2011

County proves it fails at process control

Can you believe those that occupy these seats, combined,  make close to $500,000

 Even with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs fully focused on the CAA situation at Webb County, the commissioners still managed to mess things up again. It seemed like they had finally found their new chief but, as Pro8news reported almost as an afterthought, "the job offer is contingent on passing a background check and drug test". Talking about putting the cart before the horse. Shouldn't these types of screenings be among the first a candidate should be able to pass? How many of the 14 applicants would have been left standing if the first two questions were regarding any past run-ins with the law and/or drug use? Anyway, the Director-elect did not make the grade.

Since the Webb CAA scandal broke, we've been hearing about the lack of proper monitoring and overall poor quality control. Now, even the process of hiring someone to lead the CAA back to respectability has proven sloppy at best. The Webb county commissioners seem to be afflicted with a bad case of  "manitas de estomago", in regards to what happens to just about everything they touch.

Word has it that the commissioner's court will now have to re-interview all of the original applicants- save one. Since the rest of the final fiver were looked over really good and not selected, I don't know if they will be part of the entire group again. It's hard to predict with our current court what to expect. It will be interesting to see if, since the process will start anew, if the 3-person management team will be called up to handle the process this time around.

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