Friday, February 25, 2011

The number of insurance characters rising as fast as their rates

Not one of your most popular Insurance characters
We have all heard that imitation is the best form of flattery. If this is truly the case, then it's safe to assume that The Geico Gecko must be flatterd from head to tail.  The lean, green Gecko has reached a sort of cult status. It is no surprise then, that other characters have sprung up as the face of various other Insurance companies. If you own a TV, there is no way that you haven't see Progressive Insurance's Flo and her ultra-red lipstick. The same goes for the Nationwide is on your side phone guy and the chaotic Mayhem guy from All-State. I don't know if they're all from the same advertising firm, but the auto insurance companies have all of a sudden developed a healthy sense of humor.

There is one exception, at least it looks that way so far. 21st Century auto insurance has recently ntroduced  a hardhat-wearing, stern-faced character but this campaign doesn't seem to be going that good. Maybe they need to adopt a mascot instead. We know there's plenty of those around.


  1. I've been meaning to bring you the latest Captain Prontisimo ad from Pronto Insurance, but things have gotten in the way.

    I wasn't aware of this 21st Century man.

    I like the Geico gecco spots, but my all-time favorite are the cavemen. Can't get enough of them.

  2. I can't believe I forgot the Captain prontisimo and it's "Hijo de su" trademark. I guess I was thinking in Englsih. I think they got a new one one super-abs. Those ads might be the best ones around.

  3. KR: Terco with your Caveman. It must be lonely to be the only guy who still remembers that failed Caveman thingy.