Friday, February 4, 2011

Sarah Palin finds new ways to be a Yukon Gold Digger

Sarah Palin Trademark
A you-betcha shout out to all you tea partiers for being dumb kind enough to buy my books

More proof that the Palins are full of themselves. It appears that both Sarah & Bristol Palin think that it's a good idea to have the phrase "marca registrada" next to each of their names. See what you've done John McCain? Too late now, they're all over the place. It's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. 

by Suzy Parker

Sarah Palin is more than just a former mayor, governor, vice presidential candidate and political force. She has catapulted over most politicians to a status of entertainment icon. She has become a brand -- and she's trying to protect it by trademarking her name.

The Palin brand is so valuable, that other family members are in on it. Sarah Palin's 20-year-old daughter, Bristol, is a well-compensated spokeswomen on sexual abstinence for the Candies Foundation has become a reality star in her own right on "Dancing with the Stars" and may land a job as a radio show host in Arizona.

And these savvy women are taking all the prudent steps a brand holder does to protect an asset. In the last several months, Politics Daily has learned that the Palin family lawyer, Alaska attorney Thomas Van Flein, has filed applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark "Sarah Palin®" and "Bristol Palin®."


  1. American Capitalism at its best. Nothing wrong with that.

  2. Unfortunately that brand is not valuable enough to get the party's nomination.
    And by the way, who would want to co-opt her name for profit? This lady needs to get over herself.

  3. KR, you ask who would want to co-opt her name for profit? Everyone from anti-Palin people who want to make the appropriate merchandise to those in the porn industry. Love or hate her you can make money off her name and image.