Sunday, January 2, 2011

Laredo city council asking for additonal staff for themselves

Hold on to that check Mayor, your gonna need it!
According to the agenda for Monday's meeting, several city councilpersons are getting together and asking for more employees to be added to their offices. Placed on the agenda by councilman Rangel and supported by fellow councilmen Mike Garza and Juan Narvaez, as well as by councilwoman Cindy Espinoza, the agenda item reads: 
Discussion with possible action to hire additional personnel for City Council Members Office.
I wonder why all of a sudden they need additional employees. Do these new councilmen have that ambitous of an agenda? I understand they've already started off on the wrong foot by appointing non-district residents to their committees, now they want to expand their offices? Is this the kind of change anyone wanted?


  1. If they dare ask for teenage "Pages"--in the vein of Congressional Pages--then we should fire up the torches and storm the castle.

    Errr, City Hall. . . .

  2. Nope, not kidding-got it straight out the agenda. I guess the torches need to be lit up once in a while just to make sure they can still light up the sky.