Saturday, January 1, 2011

I wasn't sure we still had Glass Kitchens

I was driving around and getting hungry so I started thinking if I should pick up something to eat. As I ran through the list of possible drive-thrus, I remembered a place that doesn't even have a drive-thru; the Glass Kitchen. Almost as soon as I had thought of it, I started to try to remember if we still had Glass Kitchen in town. Well, as most of you probably know, we do. As a matter of fact, we have two of them.

I guess the reason that I had to stop and think if they were still around is that they've been in business for a long, long time. I know there was one across Martin Highschool back in the 1970s. It might have been there even long before that, perhaps as far back as the 1960s?  If my math is correct, this means that the Glass Kitchen has been selling Laredoans hamburgers for about 50 years. Long before any of the national chains came to town, there was the Glass Kitchen.....and they're still around.


  1. Still a big favorite in my family! We remember back in the early 60's when my dad would take all of us in the station wagon and we'd sit in the car, parked on the unpaved "parking lot", waiting for our order of hamburgers. At six for a dollar, those burgers sure did taste good to us kids! They were a real treat! So a trip to Glass Kitchen now is a trip down memory lane...

  2. Sounds like an excellent way to spend some time together- do they even make station wagons anymore. Thanks for the comment.