Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will City allow 30day grace period for beer run law as they did for texting?

Will Beer Runs & their customers have to quit cold turkey??

The city-wide texting ban became law over a month ago. However, only in the last couple of days did the Laredo Police Department start to actually enforce it. The idea, according to what I heard was to give the public at large 30 days to get "used" to the new law. We, at Laredotejas are now wondering if the same 30 day grace period will be allowed once the pending anti-beer run ordinance becomes law.

If that does indeed happen, what are some of the things we could expect to see during this transitional 30-day, get used to the new law, period? Well, from the viewpoint of the beer runs, one (unlikely) possibility would be for the dancers to gradually start wearing more clothes. If they were to start wearing about 25 per cent more clothing each week, by the time the 30 days were up, they could conceivably be wearing 100 per cent more garments. Who knows, maybe they'll even bring back the maxi-skirt and the Annie-Hall look.

From the customers' point of view, the drunk bums patrons could start  by weening themselves off  their usual beer run scenic tours. They could try visiting 1 less beer run a week so that by the end of the 30 day period, they could very well  be visiting only one beer run per week. Remember, by this time, the beer run attendants will be pretty much covered from head to toe. In light of this, there's a slim chance that maybe, just maybe, a few strong-willed customers may be able to kick their ogling/drooling habits altogether.

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