Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TAMIU really, really needs to start turning out a lot more than just teachers

Come teachers and counselors, don't jump in the fire. Don't put in the time if you aren't to be hired. I know that you're true in what you aspire, but their humbers are rapidly fading. Don't put in the sweat if there's nothing out there....for the time's they are a changing.

LaredoTejas has previously reported on the fact that many of the education graduates from TAMIU during the last 2 years have still not been able to find jobs in their field. Many of them are working with the local school districts but not necessarily as teachers. A good number of them work as either para-professionals, office personnel or in some other non-professional (teacher) capacity.

 Ever since 1970, when TAMIU started out (Under the name of Texas A&I at Laredo), teachers have made-up a very substantial portion of the university's graduates.  On the positive side, it's true they have  a very-well attended business college plus a productive college of nursing. This is good news especially since health-related jobs continue to grow even during this economy. Still, TAMIU administration has an obligation to become a lot more responsive in preparing their graduates for the rapidly-changing realities of the area's job market. No longer can it subscribe to solely what has always worked in the past. As Bobby Dylan said, for the time's they are a changing.

In the meantime, the following press release appeared in today's LMT

Texas A&M International University has expanded its summer course offerings due to popular demand. TAMIU Dean of Student Success Minita Ramirez said the response means additional courses and sections will be available to students. “With budgetary concerns prompted by the State’s shortage of funding for higher education, it has been difficult to sustain a robust course offering for the summer without impacting the fall schedule, when expected cuts will be in full effect,” she said.

 “Regrettably, this has inconvenienced students greatly and so we’ve worked to identify alternatives and resources that would allow us to expand our summer course inventory.We are hopeful that the university’s funding level, currently unknown, will continue to support our mushrooming enrollment growth and provide for a strong fall semester.”

Ramirez said the expanded offerings are being updated constantly on the university’s online summer and fall schedules pages, available at


  1. Please make more noise on this! There is an article on this Month's LareDOS that shares your sentiments (myself included). I say diversify the local economy a bit. Import/export and retail alone won't carry a city. Ask Detroit and Las Vegas. They relied heavily on the automotive and entertainment industry, respectively, and suffered large for it. I say address what is lacking, and in my opinion healthcare and technology need to be a top priority in the city. That's my two cents. ;)

  2. Didn't minita get her McDoctorate online???