Friday, April 29, 2011

Bolas confirms most Laredo's bloggers are West siders. The question is why?

Why do most Laredo bloggers come from the West side??

Using the absolute latest technology available, the Blogs of Laredo Association Statistics (BOLAS) has confirmed an assertion made recently by the the ultra-visceral Bordertown Blues. The ever-astute BTB made the observation that most Laredo bloggers seem to have two things in common: 1) they have strong roots in Laredo's historic West side and, 2) they are almost exclusively graduates of what's perhaps the most storied high school in South Texas, Martin High School (La Martin).

While this is a pattern that cannot be refuted, the question remains, why? What is it about the part of town, populated by barrios such as Los Amores, Las Canta Ranas, La Ladrillera, El Trece & El Trece viejo (or is it El Trece nuevo), that has produced so many of today's local bloggers?

One theory offers the following explanation. The residents of these barrios were very mindful of the strict territorial boundaries that substantially influenced their lives. The ability to respect boundaries and stay within one's own barrio while simultaneously having the ability to co-exist at either Christen Jr. high or at the aforementioned "La Martin" high school helped to foster a dialectical view of relationships. This dichotomous way of life  ultimately helped foster a high level of creativity through out the West side. This creativity was later to manifest itself in Laredo's most imposing, prolific, colossal and informative blogs.

The main problem that detractors have with this view is this: what about the other barrios that also had to adhere to strict territorial boundaries while finding a way to live together in school?  If they shared roughly the same experiences as the West siders- then why no blogs from La Guada, El Cuatro, El Siete and others?

The answer may lie in the historically abundant amounts of strewn objects found throughout the streets of the West side barrios. Could the constant exposure to geometrical shapes such as circles (tires), rectangles (laminas), cones (remolinos) and arrays (six packs) have triggered increased levels of brain activity?

BOLAS admits that this their dialectical theory is a work in progress but, at least for the meantime, one thing's for certain. The West side bloggers continue to disproportionately represent their barrios in the Gateway city's blogoshpere.


  1. So, the question is: what are we gonna do about it?

    It's too crowded. People gotta go.

    Perhaps BOLAS can investigate options.

  2. I think we need more people to come on board, even if they are from the same area.

    Kudos to the west side for taking the lead in documenting the flavor of the barrio.


  3. BOLAS is meeting as we speak. I'm glad I paid my monthy dues on time this time.

  4. BOLAS is meeting?

    Uh oh.

    *Checks windows nervously for guys wearing dark suits*

  5. I was trying to figure out where BOLAS's meeting was gonna be but they sabotaged my GPS. Who are these bola de BOLAS ?