Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What was it that this headline meant to say?

Why would Texas prohibit these little clothes??

The following headline appeared in the latest edition of The Laredo Sun. I enjoy reading the sun and often refer to it for news as well as for goings on in town and around the state. Today,  however, I admit it took me a couple of seconds before I knew what it was that a particular headline was attempting to convey. It appeared as follows:

Prohibition of little clothes in Texas already exists!
Before, I had a chance to read the article, my mind did a series of  acrobatic somersaults. I thought:

1) Are they talking about little clothes like for short people?
2) What? That's crazy, we all know it's not illegal to buy little clothes for kids.
3) Is this some sort of anti-piracy bill against selling little clothes for Ken & Barby and other such toys?

Well, as it turns out it was another piece on the Beer Run crusades. “Texas law states that using very little clothing cannot be displayed outside of these businesses as it is a misdemeanor classified as indecent exposure,” explained  city council representative for district 1, Mike Garza.

Whew, I'm glad we got at least that much cleared up.


  1. your very welcome. Is it safe to go near the river now or is El Tragon still out there? No, not that tragon..........el monstruo.