Monday, April 11, 2011

One idea of what we can do with Laredo's old, discarded tires

Editor's note: The following was inspired by a post appearing on the colossal Bordertown Blues

Not long ago, I was driving near my Alma Mater, Martin High School when I noticed several people milling around a business across the street. As it turns out,  they were actually doing more than milling around, they were lifting and tossing some huge tires around. I was about to call 911 thinking that it was an attack by some army of Incredible Hulk clones (albeit smaller) when I realized the place was actually a gym and these people out there were simply customers engaged in a good old new fashioned workout.

The enterprising owner of the gym had managed to incorporate old tractor trailer tires into his workout equipment and the customers all seemed very happy. Both males and females repeatedly picked up these over-sized llantas and hurled them about. Some would proceed to walk over to the "victim" tire, stand over it for a second, snarl down at it, sometimes even kick it, before sending it airborne again. So, on top of the physical workout, the tires were also allowing these participants an oulet for any stress or anger they might have otherwise taken home with them- that's what you call a win-win situation.

Having said all of this, I think it would be our civic duty to donate any old, discarded tires to the local gyms. We will be not only cleaning up our city, but contributing to the health and fitness of our citizens. I know many of the tires we see laying around are of the smaller variety but we all know that there are many businesses that subscribe to shaping up younger Laredoans.  The many, many cheerleading places around town can use tires as hurdles to improve their girls' jumping ability and overall coordination. The martial arts centers can use tires to Karate chop when they rund out of boards or plywood. I'm sure you can see the vast possibilities of such an idea.

We don't even have to worry about transporting our donated tires to these various gyms. We can just call them up and they will be more than willing to have their customers jog over, and either roll the tires back to their place of business or better yet, just toss'em all the way home.

We can go from this..........
Photo appears courtesy of Bordertown Blues-as you can see!

 To this...........


  1. Body by Michelin. Oh wait, scratch that.

  2. Well at the beginning of the work-out, yes-body by Michelin would be right. Y luego, body by Western Flyer.

  3. That is a solid idea. Too bad most of the tires I see are of a small variety and probably not too enticing for aspiring Hulksters training for gyms. In fact, KeyRose can probably pick up three at one time.

  4. BTW: Cool, its Colossal Bordertown Blues now. And to think I did that without PED's . . .