Saturday, April 30, 2011

O'donnell methodically picks apart Rush Limbaugh's attempt at Biblical justification of tax breaks for rich


  1. I managed to catch this the other day, even though I'm not a big Lawrence O'donnell fan.

    It's hypocritical when those on the right suggest that the USA is a Christian nation, yet when the issue of taxes and social programs come up, they all turn into evolutionists.

    It's all 'survival of the fittest' with GOPers. Gawd forbid they should give a little more to increase their chances of getting into heaven. I would think that that's what they learn in church every Sunday.

  2. You're right, when it comes to economics, they are social darwinists for sure. The sad part is that Limbaugh and countless others have convinced many of the not-so-rich conseratists that they should always be for the rich- even if it means hurting their own financial well-being. I guess those dittoheads think they are somehow better Americans if they put down the poorer or less fortunate members of our communities. In the meantime, the FATCATS rake in the big bucks.