Saturday, April 30, 2011

McDonalds two ordering stations, one drive thru lane = traffic mess

You're supposed to go from two lanes to one with no problems: it aint' working!

I don't know who's big idea it was to install two ordering stations at the McDonald's on Chihuahua street but it doesn't appear to have been well thought out. The restaurant (is it really a restaurant?) recently added a second ordering lane. When I saw them working on this, I wondered to myself "how are they going to add a second drive thru window"? I remember even mentioning it to someone that they were probably going to use a tubing system to deliver the orders to a second, outside lane similar to the way drive-thru banks do but without the whooooosh!

Well, as it turns out, they are relying on the customers to somehow line-up in sequence,  magically dovetailing  into one line with no problems whatsoever. This, I can attest to, is not working. I don't visit this location that often but when I have gone there, I've noticed that there's always some kind of mix-up. Just yesterday, two women in an SUV were yelling and gesturing at a car that got in ahead of them. The people in the car were in the right sequence, the women were not, yet they were the ones causing a scene. The bottom line is that the restaurant is to blame for any arguements, accidents or even fights that might occur as a result of greedily wanting to bring in those big bucks as quickly as possible.

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  1. LOL, and almost a year later the same thing is happening!