Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What to do with Laredo's old, discarded tires: Part 2

I don't know what the recommended  psi (pounds per square inch) would be, but another thing Laredoans could use the abundance of discarded tires for, is to build a house or two. It's actually been done before as you can see from the picture below. Most of the times I've heard of such houses being built in very hot parts of the country, aka Laredo. 

Thus, we have another win-win situation. We could get rid of our tires and have a few ecologically-sound, creative structures that could serve as someone's home or perhaps as a community center. Maybe there would even be a market for these houses among the hard-core NASCAR fans in the Gateway city.

Yes, for the window, I'm going to need a  Goodyear 60/175G-15 whitewall.


  1. But what about the skeeters hanging out in wet crevices? D: