Sunday, April 3, 2011

First come, first served basis prompts hundreds to apply for LISD "Buyouts"

Early on a Laredo Sunday morning, one may be used to seeing people lining up, waiting their turn.  However, on this particular Sunday, it was not your usual line to buy barbacoa that drew the biggest crowd, instead many lined up as early as 8am outside Nixon High School to pickup their LISD early retirement applications. No doubt, the fact that the district has announced that candidates applying will be considered on a first come, first served basis had a lot to do with the huge turnout on the first day applications became available.

According to the coverage you can count on people at Pro8news, about 100 teachers, 100 paraprofessionals and around 20 administrators were the first to pick up their applications. They have until national IRS day, April 15th, to turn them in. At this rate, I think we can safely say that LISD will have no trouble in attracting the 600 employees it has targeted for early retirement. If things go as planned,  Laredo's oldest school district stands to save around $10million dollars as a result.

Granted, just because someone picks up an application does not mean that they will actually follow through and turn it in. This kind of decision is not one that is made casually. I'm sure many will change their minds at least once before the final list of candidates is announced. I wish those who are seeking to retire early the best of luck. Look at it as a chance for you to explore some of the other opportunities that have always appealed to you. Buena Suerte!

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