Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texas ends TPM rating system which inflated UISD to recognized status in 2010

A real  rating of "acceptable"  was boosted to recognized in 2010 by TPM

From Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott

Use of Texas Projection Measure. In 2009 and 2010, the Texas Projection Measure (TPM) was used as an additional feature to determine state accountability ratings. The TPM was evaluated as a means of elevating a campus or district rating in cases where neither the TAKS Met Standard indicator nor Required Improvement (RI) were sufficient to allow a campus or district to earn the next higher rating. In 2011 use of the TPM in the state and federal accountability rating systems will be discontinued. Dozens of local schools that enjoyed inflated accountability ratings last year thanks to the use of a controversial state formula must ensure student success on merit alone this year.

From the McAllen Monitor

State Education Commissioner Robert Scott announced late last week the elimination of the Texas Projection Measure, or TPM, a calculation that allowed 100 Hidalgo County schools to take credit last year for students who failed state proficiency tests but were “projected” to pass in the future.

“Everybody wants to look good, right? But we don’t want the doctor touching up the X-rays, which is essentially what’s been happening,” said Tom Torkelson, CEO and founder of IDEA Public Schools, which benefited from the TPM. “TPM is hiding and masking a lot of challenges and problems in our schools.”

The Texas Education Agency rates districts and campuses as “exemplary,” “recognized,” “academically acceptable” or “academically unacceptable.”

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