Friday, April 22, 2011

Just what are these unpaid citations Webb's paying the state for?

Webb pays Texas Parks & Wildlife $28,568 for "unpaid citations"

Not being very adept at cutting and pasting from excel, or any other spreadsheet program for that matter, I was unable to get the picture I was shooting for from Webb County's online check registry.  Nonetheless, what I can't show you, I can tell you the old fashioned way.

I was perusing the March, 2011 records for our beloved Webb county and I came across several checks made out to Texas Parks & Wildlife for "unpaid citations" appearing throughout the month's records. 

What do these entries mean? My layman's way of thinking sees it as Webb paying the state for some mysterious unpaid citations. Does this mean that the State Park & Wildlike Department aka Lake Casa Blanca Park issued citations to visitors and is now collecting the amount of said citations from the county? I don't know if this is the case. Perhaps there's nothing to this but the way it's being entered in the records sure does make me wonder.

There's actually a total of 7 such checks during March, 2011 for a total of $ 28,568 paid to the state.