Saturday, April 30, 2011

LMT reports the end of TPM school rating system: What took you so long??

TPM is no more: LISD says "that's fine with us", UISD says "Nambre na"

I still buy the Laredo Morning Times but for quite a while, they've been lagging behind the blogs in an increasing number of news stories.  The latest example: Laredotejas reported about 5 days ago that the inflated TPM system for rating schools was done with . LMT didn't run anything on the subject until today. A couple of months ago, Que Fregados broke the story about the FBI confiscating Webb county's files. LMT was late with that story as well. After raising the price on both the daily (75 cents) and the Sunday ($2.00) editions, the least they can do is report the news a little more promptly.

As far as the TPM deal goes, the Texas Education Agency is putting an end to the system which gave Texas schools credit even for students who failed the TAKS, because, get this, they were projected to pass within three years. As expected, LISD expressed relief that this false rating system was being discontinued and Superintendent Dr. Marcus Nelson said that his district is ready for the upcoming challenge. On the other hand, UISD bemoaned the ending of TPM. A spokesperson for the district said that they liked the TPM system because it allowed them to plan for success or some nonesense to that effect.

Chances are that UISD will fail to reach the recognized status that it received, but did not deserve in 2010.


  1. the Times is very short on people, and will only get worse when the editor in chief leaves, unless they have someone from the outside coming in. i heard that LMT is one of the most profitable papers in the Hearst Family of papers (tons of ads, few underpaid reporters). bill really needs to hire more reporters to keep up with the stories.

  2. Yes, Bill should certainly do that- especially if they're making a bundle of cash. They're somewhat of a newspapaper but not a real one-not at this point. But what do I know.

  3. Na. Who needs LMT when we got you guys to deliver the news. ^_^