Friday, April 22, 2011

Hogging the camera with their hands on the people's money

Cuellar and Webb cronies squeeze into the picture

The good news is that some money is going to be available for the Webb county Fire Department. The bad news is that our Webb politicians have learned absolutely nothing from the CAA chaos and continue to make a circus out of every photo opportunity they get.

Case in point: The above photograph shows our congressman Henry Cuellar and a host of Webb County officials mugging for the cameras to announce a federal grant of $250,000. Please recall that this is money that comes from Washington only after it goes from us to the nation's capitol. In reality, just about everyone knows this is the truth but the political process has been successful in blinding the taxpayers. It's just like our federal income tax. We pay it out  s l o w l y  over time otherwise there were be a near revolt.

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