Monday, April 11, 2011

Did city pay to send Asst.City Mgr. & LCVB contingency to Houston regatta?

Yes, Visit Laredo while we visit Houston on on your tab!

An article appearing today in the Laredo Sun entitled Laredo's Rio Fest Planning and Promotion underway seems to be stating that the City of Laredo is now sending cheer leading teams around the state in support of the Team RioFest racing team. You can be sure that none of the city employees paid out of their own pocket. Why would they ? They've never hesitated to waste the taxpayers' money before, why start now?

Here's an excerpt of the article I'm referring to. It was written by "special to the Laredo Sun" and has a sorta of herky-jerky style which is a little bit difficult to follow. Nevertheless, I think it does allude to a "Laredo delegation" going to Houston on our dime.

Editors Note: Please forgive me for the  running commentary during the following excerpts. I just think that any articles promoting Laredo should be done a little bit more carefully since we're always getting a bum rap. Yes, including from me and I'm not even an English major or anything as you can probably tell. The article reads, in part:

A team of interested volunteers and the city of Laredo ventured to the Buffalo Bayou Regatta in Houston, Texas the weekend of March 12-13, 2011 to support the Team RioFest Racing.
( OK so,  did the entire city of Laredo venture to Houston?? Also, it says "to support the Team RioFest Racing ______ "?? Here, it should either say "to support Team Rio Fest",  or "to support the RioFest Racing Team". But not "'the Team RioFest Racing" .Don't leave us hanging here. The article continues:

 Joy Emshoff and Holly Orr won the women’s recreational canoe class and was (were)2nd overall in the class of 80 boats. That is very impressive when you consider competition in a mixed class.

The reputation for the area’s upcoming October celebration of the river continues to shine (How can that be true if it was cancelled last year because of flooding?) and a buzz is building in the paddling community. At the Laredos RioFest booth during the race, Assistant City Manager Jesus Olivares, observed, “The excitement is visible when Laredo is mentioned. RioFest will be a much larger event with many more participants this year.”
( Why is there a comma between Jesus Olivares and observed? Isn't he the one doing the observing? It's a subject/verb connection so no comma is needed as in: "Jesus Olivares observed".)

The City of Laredo delegation led by Olivares also included Parks and Recreation Director Baldi Guzman and also members of the Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau.
(This deserves to be in green because this is the $$ part. This is whom the taxpayers of Laredo sponsorsed on this latest cheerleading trip)


  1. FYI: the name of the team IS Team RioFest so it is Team Rio Fest team. The two women were a team so it is a singular "was" and believe it or not, Rio Fest has already established a reputation as one with a larger purse and beautiful scenery.

    Much love to you but you really need to do the homework or ask for the expenses related to this trip because the only paid portion of this were the CVB people who promoted the heck out of Laredo and had a booth.

    Why do I know? Because the MAJORITY who went were volunteers who were not paid by anyone and covered their own meals/hotel/gas to get there. I went and used my own money but if you want to sponsor my trip next time... :)

    Primero criticas porque dices que la cuidad no hace nada para promover las actividades de Laredo pero cuando lo hacen, criticas que estan gastando dinero. ¿¿Quien te entiende??

    Oh - another FYI - Team RioFest is sponsored by private monies, before you start saying it is your tax dollars. No seas malagradecido!

    If you want to help plan instead of observe from a distance, you are definitely invited. It does take work, though :P

  2. QF, Of course you're right that I criticize but I did pose the title as a question. My blog has been criticized for being too negative and I admit that sometimes (a lot of times) it is.

    But, I did not say that taxpayers are paying for Team RioFest, as my headline asks, I referred to the Asst City Mgr and LCVB -ONLY. I did not put down the racing team in any way. My focus was on the spending and the way in which the article was written. I know (very well) that I make a lot of mistakes in writing but these are press releases that go out to the entire state/country/world. As good as you are with words, I would think that you'd agree that it has to be done a little bit more carefully.

    This is my way of participating and it's unfortunate that you don't see it that way. I would like to be more positive but would I then be feigning when I post? I've looked at myself often and wonder why my tendency is to criticize and I don't know why. I'm not an expert in that field. I'm sorry your were offended. Thanks

    P.S. I don't think it said that the two ladies were a team, so shouldn't have it have said "were" ? OK, don't throw another shoe at me.

  3. I have to side with L.T. on this. If a group of volunteers went, why do city officials need to go? Team RioFest can do their own publicizing of the event, and the volunteers could chip in with that.

    If we need info. on race logistics, Team RioFest could obtain such data. Seriously, I don't want to hear that the asst. city manager went out there to hand out fliers.

    If racers in Houston needed more detailed information about Laredo, they could've been directed to city officials via cell phone.

  4. You are still invited to come help plan something for RioFest :)

  5. Thank you, I'll put on my Gyro Gearloose thinking cap. You're probably too young to remember that one.

  6. Sounds like a blog post in the making...