Friday, April 22, 2011

Webb doles out the cash for air filter?

This is a Hastings AF1219 Air Filter.

I think I may be seeing things being that it's rather late. After my most recent post, I continued to look through Webb County's online check registry. One expense in particular that caught my eye is as follows:

Check number 201060  for the amount of $ 2,890.69  made out to Gonzalez auto parts for a vareity of  air/oil/fuel filters.
The entry that really begs to be noticed is a payment of $500.00 for a Hastings AF1219 air filter. According to what I found on the Hastings website, this filter is used by Ford Expeditions among other vehicles. The ledger entry does not indicate if the $500.00 payment was for more than one filter. If the amount is for multiple filters, then the entry fails to show it at such.

Incidentally, I decided to go Wal-Mart's website and see if I could find the same filter. It turns out that ol' Wal-Mart not only carries the Hastings AF1219 air filter, but they have it priced at a mere $ 24.99 cents. That's a whopping savings of $475.01 cents from the price paid by Webb county -according to the way this particular entry was made. Who knows, maybe Pro8news is already working on this one. After all, we all know they're the coverage we can count on!

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