Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TACO mulls opening Laredo Chapter

TACO's Pre-Ops aka Political Ninjas

LaredoTejas's political editor has learned that our humble city may soon have it's very own chapter of a top-notch taxpayer organization group known for it's tenacity and determination. Reportedly, a team of pre-operative experts from Taxpayers Against Corrupted Officials (TACO) has been in town for at least the last couple of weeks.

 Reliable sources have indicated to LT that after viewing just one Webb county commissioner's meeting as well as Monday night's city council meeting, the team of experts immediately declared Laredo to be absolutely penetrado, a Spanish term meaning roughly  "highly radioactive" or perhaps more accurately "really stinking".

Incidentally, it is not unusual to find frequent usage of Spanish in the TACO organization. Word has it that many of TACO's special forces are of Hispanic origin, many of them veterans of the toxic corruption that has historically been rampart through South Texas. Despite the exalted levels of education of the pre-operative team, or perhaps because of it, the local "dialect" presented somewhat of a language barrier. This was overcome thanks to the help of local middle school officials who allowed the team to listen in on some students during a recent school day.  A member of TACO's precursory team explained: Once we were able to decipher mutterings such as  aquesi (verdad que si) and amoaarlavoltaya (vamos a dar la vuelta para aya), we were pretty much set for anything.  As it turns out, there was still some trouble understanding one of our city councilmen but a translator from his precinct was secretly contracted to translate.

TACO's main headquarters, at an undisclosed location, would neither confirm nor deny the reports of a Laredo office opening soon. LaredoTejas tried to get a more definitive answer by calling several other of the organization's phone numbers only to reach TACO's various Think Tank offices. Being that there was no answer, perhaps they are carefully planning their next move in Laredo.