Friday, April 15, 2011

UISD Admistration is monetarily Obese: From LMT's Letters to the Editor

UISD fat cats continue to shamelessly feed off Laredo's working families

Laredo taxpayer Jesus Flores writes in to the Laredo Morning Times editor:
Of course, the biggest money-maker has to be Superintendent Santos, with a base salary of $194,000!

There are two associate superintendents, Eduardo Zuñiga and Pamela Juarez with a salary of $130,784.62 — each! There are four — yes, four — assistant superintendents: Enrique Rangel, Laida Benavidez and David Garcia, who each make $118,178.39; and Gloria Rendon with $92,207.40.
Flores' letter goes on to detail the salaries of some many, many directors living high on the hog at the expense of local taxpayers:

Let’s begin with Mike Garza at $90.242.74, Joe Aranda at $96,355.39, Ella Juarez with $97,228.44, Sandra Cavazos with $96,614.99, Sandra Alvarez at $107,196.14, Ann McDonald with $105,715.86, Martha Moke with $103,783.53, Roylin Wilson at $103,783.53 and Hector Perez at $104,450.90.

By adding the salaries of the individuals listed above, you get a whopping total of $1,613,683.33! No budget cuts here, but then again who would work the phones on Election Day?
(That's over 1.6 Million Dollars-- no type here)

Of course, this is just the tip of the erupting volcano. There are the directors who are under the executive directors (who supervise), who are under the assistant superintendents (who supervise), who are under the associate superintendents (who also supervise).

My question is this: who actually works? I counted a total of 25 directors. I am only listing the top five earners: Roberto Chapa ($94,467.95), Sandra Benavidez ($93,677.05), Maria Gonzalez ($93,467), Guadalupe Perez ($93,676) and Samuel Flores ($87,905).The lowest paid director is Alicia Carrillo, who makes $75,721.
Among the 25 directors, a total of $4.2 million is paid annually. (Yep, you read right)

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