Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Super S takeover mean the end of the $5 "new" movie releases

The Laredo Morning Times is reporting that Super S Foods in Laredo will be "gradually" taken over by Lowes Food which is actually a chain of food stores up in Virginia and the Carolinas. I believe what LMT meant to report is that the Laredo stores will be replaced by Lowes Market stores which makes more sense because they already have stores in West Texas and new Mexico.

Upon reading the news, I couldn't help but wonder if the change will put a damper on the enterprising business men & women who currently put up makeshift sales stands outside both the Clark Blvd. and Santa Maria Locations. Many times, they hawk copies of newly released DVDs and/or music CDs.

Upon closely inspecting a photo of a Kermit, Texas Lowe's Market & Pharmacy, I couldn't detect any visible signs of independent business entrepreneurs hanging around outside. If the new owners' policy is to not allow such free market expressions, then where will Laredoans find their newest movies at 5 bucks, tax free?  The competition might just start to heat up outside Narvaez and/or El Rancherito.

Hmmm, right in front of that open parking space would be a good place to set up a table.


  1. Hey Kermit, Tx how's thing up in your part of the Lone Star state?

  2. Lowe's Marketplace is based out of Littlefield, TX which is about 30 minutes northwest of Lubbock.