Friday, April 22, 2011

Breaking News!: Ilegals arrested in the bordertown of Laredo

This was their logo when their slogan was: Where you need us, when you need us. Really?

Is there any particular reason that such a story should be in the news, I mean in Laredo? After all, how many illegals immigrants at apprehended on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis in the surrounding area? Why would the apprehension of 5 more be in the news? Is it because they were being kept in a local house? Does that make it that much difference? What's next? Are they going interrupt programming the next time the temperature hits 100 degrees in Laredo again?

I mean come on Pro8news. When you had a story you could do on Abe Martinez, the former Mercy CEO who was arrested recently, you took a pass. Now, you're hyping up apprehensions of illegal immigrants. You just can't fill your segments until the next beer-run /city council meeting I guess. Que relaje el Tim Gutierrez!

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