Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's hear from the vortex of the fracking boom: Carrizo Springs, Texas

After apologizing to BP after the huge oil spill, how long before Joe Barton apologizes for Texans wanting to know the truth about hydraulic fracturing?

I was looking for some information on Carrizo Springs,Tx. which is not only at the center of much of the hydraulic fracturing activity in the area, but it's also a mere 80 miles from our beloved bordertown. Well, under "local news, Carrizo Springs", I found the following comments posted by people who either live and/or work in Carrizo, as I call it.  It provides a perspective from ground zero, so to speak.

Buy or rent- San Antonio says
They are not trying. Lots of properties for sale. My house has been for sale for 2 years. They only want to rent. I don't blame them they don't know how long they will be here.

Let it go- United States
yes true. Renters are making lots of money

Awesome- United States
It's horrible down here

Make a dollar-United States
I love the money this has brought in, it was much needed.
But, it also brought some not so good people, and
Our small town is not set up to handle this much
Traffic and volume, so I surmise that we must take
The good with the bad and as advice I think if at
Ill possible, regardless of how much debt it will cause
That we should all get in on this, the is a lot of money
To be made right now

Land owner
I have leased out my unused property to a buisness,its paying for itself. Too many people not enough hotels or drycleaners for any entrepreneurs this would be a good investments.

Shante-San Antonio
I am really thinking about picking up a car load of hookers and pimping them out to the workers. I could make a killing.

Not interested-San Antonio
Some of these oil workers are very rude

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