Friday, April 1, 2011

Where's the S&H Green stamps when you need them?

With the economy going on it's 3rd down year, many people could really use some of the old marketing extras from long ago. Locally, I remember that S&H Green stamps were very popular. They were given away at many grocery stores and other merchants. When you had collected enough of them, you'd affix them to the accompanying S&H stamp books until you had enough to redeem them for something of value. If I'm not mistaken, the local S&H redemption center was at one of the locations that eventually became Perry's. I understand that program was in effect from the 1930s all the way to the 1980s.  I'm pretty sure that if the stamps were still around, they would have already evolved into some form of digital application.

Let's see if we have enough to get one of those new transistor radios !


  1. Fuzzy memories but for us up north, they were A&P (Atlantic & Pacific stores) green stamps. I resurrected an old wall clock my mom had bought with green stamps back in the day & i hangs in my house :).

    There are still incentives for repeat buyers, though. Kmart & Sears give you points to redeem, my Discover card gives me cash back on purchases made - its not the same thing as actual items but incentives nonetheless. Thanks for this post!

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