Saturday, April 23, 2011

BTB's absence was glitch, BOLAS & LMIB confirm

BOLAS comes through in the tradition of early TV broadcasting.

What appeared to be a bowing out of sorts by the colossal blog Bordertown Blues turned out to be simply a blogging program glitch. Laredo's Most Impressive Blog's Keyrose eventually confirmed this on Saturday. However, even before KR could rouse himself from his sleep after a long night's travel back from an Helotes, Texas concert, BOLAS was at work, scanning the activity (or lack of ) of Laredo's blogosphere.

The editorial desk here at Laredotejas received a text message last night advising that: "Blog BTB is experiencing technical difficulties, and will be back on line shortly, Thank You". It reminded me of years ago when television broadcasts frequently had such trouble and a similar announcement would come on.

Admittedly, I sometimes send in my BOLAS dues a little bit  late the immediacy with which they responded to BTB's unfortunate glitch has convinced me that they are indeed on top of their game. The City of Laredo, Webb County and countless others could definitely learn something from BOLAS's professionalism. Theirs- is coverage you can really count on.


  1. Puras problemas.

    Pero yo tengo un
    backup cuando vengan los camaradas del Salinas knocking on the door.

    Check it out:

  2. BTW: While "Laredo's Most Impressive Blog" is certainly appropriate and accurate, the true acronym is "Laredo's Most Imposing Blog."

  3. OOPs, I guess that's why I'm not LMAB, Laredo's most accurate blog.

  4. No, just LMPB--Laredo's Most Prolific Blog.

  5. Hey, Que Fregados is LMCB: Laredo's Most Connected Blog.

  6. No, Que Fregados is just fregado.