Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TAMIU reporter narrowly escapes being drug-tested after nudging school bus

Another case of over-reacting?

I think most of us will agree that when it comes to school buses and transporting children, you cannot be too safe.But then again, who do you draw the line?  TAMIU reporter Mark Nix recounts a recent incident in which a parking lot standoff with another driver who wouldn't back up led to a minor accident involving a UISD school bus. In an attempt to end the stalemate, the reported finally decide to back up just enough to bump into the bus which had been stationary behind him. What ensued, including the mention of conducting a drug test,  is what Nix talks about in his recent article. We pick it up with the TAMIU police, who had been called by the bus driver, questioning the reporter:

Excertped from TAMIU's student newspaper, The Bridge

He asked "Where did you hit the bus?" and I told him, "You can't really see it can you?" and he answers, "No." So that's how minor the hit was. The head of the UISD transportation department arrives and takes pictures of the bus and then I take them to my car and show them the damage to it, which was like nothing, but a small scratch. She informs me that no action will be taken because the damage was so minor. However, she asks if I had gotten a citation. I respond by telling her  "No, well I don't think so." and she asks the TAMIU Police officers if they are going to cite me. They respond by telling her that they are debating on the issue. She tells them that if they are going to cite me, then she has to give me a drug test. A drug test, really? A minor accident occurs and I have to be submitted for drug testing?

In the end the officers decide to cite me, but I quickly rebuttal with recounting what had happened. They tell me that they got a different story from the bus driver and I answer with a quick "Well he was on the bus how could he see?" So in the end I get a verbal warning from them. Which I was entirely grateful for, they told me that when it comes to situations like that I am to stand my ground and let the other person get mad.

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