Thursday, April 14, 2011

BOLAS ranks Laredotejas blog last on interactivity

Despite an ocassional score, LT remains behind the pack in resonating with readers

The Blogs Of Laredo Association Stats (BOLAS)  has just released it's latest figures on the Laredo Blogosphere. During the last quarter, the gateway citys' blog traffic took a noticeable nosedive that coincided with Bordertown Blues' self-imposed exile last month. Since then, the index has resumed it impressive upward trend.

Not surprisingly, LaSanbe maintained its status as Laredo's most imposing blog. Que Fregados continued its exemplary public service posting tradition and Bordertown Blues is now considered a colossal in the field. Relative newcomer, LaredoTejas also managed to post some improving numbers as far as blog views are concerned. However, it has continued to experience a lack of success in reader interactivity. A sampling of the 10 most recent postings had BTB eliciting nearly 80 comments, LaSanbe racking up slightly more than 60 reader contributions, QF was next at roughly 35 reader opinions with LaredoTejas a distant 4th place with a mere 10 comments by readers visiting the site.

One of LT's editors, Maximiliano, had somewhat of an explanation. "I know we're perceived to be somewhat negative in some of our posts and we certainly have been called out for criticizing certain aspects of our town" he offered. "It appears that many of our readers don't necessarily share our views on some issues, nonetheless, we appreciate their readership" he added (add violins here).


  1. Ya'll make sense, no reason to post or rebut

  2. Hey, hey, hey . . . no one is as negative about Laredo as the folks at Bordertown Blues.

    You take that back!

  3. Wha? Did I write this post ? I'must've been sleep-writing. KR, I think the beer runs have volunteered to pay all of the blogs' dues up to now-being that we give them so much free advertising.

    Hey BTB, you might have a point but I'll let you know our Team Negativo works pretty hard at LaredTejas.

    Anon-It's good to see someone sees that, even once in a while, we do make some sense-sorta. Gracias

  4. Your team might have to work hard at Laredotejas to come up with negativity about Laredo, but the truth is, for the team at Bordertown Blues, it just flows naturally.

    The visceral negativity is so evident that hardly any work is needed.

    You just wait and see. . .

  5. Visceral negativity- did you patent that term? Someone's bound to steal it. Wait a minute.... were'nt you among those that came up with the slogan Laredo Proud??? Oh wait that was back in the 80s, you were a pre-blogger then.

  6. I am saddened that I am not apparently negative enough. Being a newcomer, I am trying to rise to the level required to be among the elite.

    I will work harder.

    PS, LaredoTejas, BT Blues, and Que Fregados are still my favorite blogs for Laredo issues.

  7. Don't worry Tom. You are quickly working your way to the top stratosphere of negativity. Kudos.

  8. You're right on track Tom Wade. And you're starting to post more frequently so that's also a plus. Pretty soon you'll get the PEABODY award (Pessimistic & Excessively Antagonistic Broadcaster of Da Year!).