Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rush blames illegal immigrant kids for dilapidated schools

Well, in this radio excerpt from el Rushbo's radio show, Rush decides to go, not only after teachers' union and immigrant parents, but after their kids as well.

Limbaugh cites an "internal powerpoint presentation" from the AFT revealing how the union undermined minority parent group efforts in CT to pass the Parent trigger legislation that offered parent real authority in transforming failing schools. According to Limbaugh, the reason that AFT was able to kill this legislation was that they were able to keep parent groups "away from the table".

Limbaugh then refers to a 1943 novel "A Tree grows in Brooklyn" to show how parent involvement (not unions or anything else) is the defining difference in making schools successful. So far, so good.  In that story, an  girl from an impoverished Brooklyn Irish neighborhood is enrolled by her parents in a much better school in another part of New York City. The way they were able to accomplish this: they falsify their residency address.

So I guess Rush is encouraging all his listeners to falsify their own information as well. The funny thing is that when brown immigrant parents try to pull this stunt, everbody wants to kick them out but I guess when Irish (white) parents do it, it's to be applauded. He says only when people are "too American" to be bulldozed, can the parents make a difference.

Anyway, after the 2:00 minute mark, el Rushbo starts to tear in into illegal immigrant parent and their kids. He talks about schools as indoctrination centers where immigrant kids go to be indoctrinated and brainwashed.

As Rush's Fox News ally Bill O'Reilly loves to ask "what say you?".

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