Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pic Juxtaposes All-American symbol against subersive, Anti-American eyesore

Old Glory flies in the background as yard sales notices pollute our scenic city.

As our "coverage you can count on" station Pro8News recently reported, leaving garage sale notices up for days or weeks is a serious enough problem that it warranted News coverage. I guess we should just ignore the shenanigans that our local city and county officials are always engaging in when there lurks something that Laredoans just to be warned about.

If there was a shortage of material, perhaps they could have gone back to covering the controversy over A&E's, Laredo-based reality show and how it is still drawing negative attention to Laredo. How about conniving weatherman Al Roker's claim that he has "no control over the promos" that are only adding to the problems with the embattled image of the Gateway City.

With such questionable antics always going on, it was definitely time to deflect: the spotlight needed to be focused instead on those garage sale culprits and their polluting ways.

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