Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BOLAS moves with lightning speed to reprimand LaredoTejas

MIB: Is BOLAS getting too poweful?

LaredoTejas editor Maximiliano had barely finished  typing the last letter on his 'La Sanbe/Eddie Macon" post today when his inbox was bombarded by BOLAS (Bloggers Of Laredo Association Stats). Apparently, BOLAS is a strict enforcer of the "associated content sphere clause" governing the Gateway City's blogs.

Although, there has always been some overlap on what each the blogs cover, certain subjects are considered to be almost exclusive intellectual property of the different  bloggers. For example, the colossal Bordertown Blues is renowned for his Tuesday Tires/Llantas postings as well as the insanely successful fun-filled fotoshop Fridays. Similarly, Keyrose's La Sanbe has long been recognized as the blog that, for all intents and purposes has virtual exclusivity with Eddie Macon Run clips/news and other related posts.

No word yet if LaredoTejas will have to pay a hefty fine to BOLAS as has happened in the past. In recent months, unnamed sources have indicated to LT that perhaps BOLAS has grown just a little bit to powerful in its dealings with the Blogs of Laredo, Texas.