Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mighty nice of Rangel to "lend his recreation center"

Umm, I guess I can umm pretty much let everyone use my new rec center

At tonight's city council meeting, district 2 councilman made some obvious improvements. He self-corrected himself at least twice. After initially saying "Hines" in regards to the new recreation center, Rangel quickly corrected himself , "I mean Haynes".  As such, LaredoTejas congratulates Mr. Rangel in managing to improve his pronunciation skills.  He appears to be on the right, trafficable course.

Also, speaking to the topic of making public recreation facilities available for Laredo kids with special needs, Rangel was more than generous. "I'm willing to let the city use the new recreation center but I don't have any money to buy equipment" was the gist of Mr. Rangel's unselfish offer. I actually thought this was a tax-payer owned public facility, but I guess I stand corrected.


  1. I have an old elliptical machine that they can haz*. Mr. Rangel, call me.


  2. Come on MAN....what happened to your $500k slush fund...or should I say discretionary fund? You spent it sad.

  3. The guy next to him is not happy about this decision. "Its mine... all mine!" muah ha ha ha!

  4. Who is "El Pendejo" looking guy next to him anyway? He doesn't look smart enough to be a political adviser.