Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Laredo extends presence at Jarvis Plaza

Today's Laredo Morning Times again featured the Occupy Laredo Movement on it's Front page.  Starting at 7am on Saturday, members and non-members alike started gathering to protest the current socio-economic & political status quo locally and beyond.

A few more details as to the movement's purpose have started to surface. LMT's Mike Herrera IV included some of the following quotes in today's article.  Marissa Laufers, coordinator of the Webb County Homeless Coalition and a chief organizer of the Occupy movement stated:

 “We want to be more visible, and we want to use the public sphere to create the dialogue that is necessary to address some of these very complicated issues we’re facing,”  
Laufer added :
“There’s a 32.5 percent poverty rate in Laredo. Many young people are having a hard time getting jobs. The housing crisis is here, and the water and sewer bills are so expensive.”
Another Occupy member, Gabriel Sanchez came to express his opposition to one his "pet peeves", the Washington Birthday's Celebration Association. Sanchez stated :
“It’s something I’ve been against for years,” he said, holding a sign reading “Laredo poverty-32%. WBCA-$15,000 per gown.” A political science major at TAMIU, Sanchez continued: “I’d rather see a walk of the unions. I’d rather see people protesting for better living conditions on the east side.”
Interestingly, some of Laredo's bloggers including La Sanbe, Que Fregados, LaredoTejas and Bordertown Blues have also consistently lashed out at the WBCA's elite musings. Also, LaredoTejas recently ran a post decrying the high water and sewer rates in the Gateway City.

With November fast approaching, and both the WBCA hype and the Occupy Movement starting to really rev up, one has to definitely wonder if they just may be on a collision course. It should be a very interesting scenario: the elites and haves on one side &  more progressive elements and have nots on the other.


  1. Funny how Laredo, a supposed Democratic base town, still believes in the class system.

  2. Funny how the Democratic Party supports the class/caste system.

  3. And you support Bethany House? The food bank?
    The rich of Laredo and the Martha crowd keep it afloat.
    Do you donate numerous thousands to keep charitable organizations afloat???
    Damn the rich! The new evil! Especially since it's money made by oil and gas! dare they be rich!!!

  4. WBCA is an event that should have never included Laredo's elite. It only shows how extravagant most of the laredoans are not. Are we still considering having one this coming year? I mean, with the way the economy is and lack of proper jobs we can't afford to get. I understand distractions are good for the overall spirit but show casing what a few nameless prominent families in Laredo have probably isn't a good idea to have or continue.