Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Non-Profits receiving $$ from City of Laredo, include WBCA, "Marthas"

Let them eat cake!  As long as I get my gown!

From The Laredo City Council meeting agenda for 10/17/2011

Laredo Ctr. For the Arts $150,000.00
Border Olympics $ 80,000.00
WBCA $ 60,000.00
Veteran’s Coalition $40,000.00
So. TX Food Bank $ 35,000.00
Webb County Heritage Found. $ 30,000.00
BANC $28,400.00
Children’s Advocacy Ctr $27,825.00
Chamber of Commerce/Cola Blanca $ 25,000.00
Laredo Phil. Orchestra $ 23,400.00
Bethany House $21,000.00
Kidney Foundation $20,000.00
Boys’ & Girl’s Clubs $20,000.00
Laredo AreaYouth Soccer Asso. $ 20,000.00
Casa de Misericordia $16,000.00
Streets of Laredo $ 15,000.00
Sacred Heart Childrens Home $15,000.00
Habitat for Humanity $10,500.00
Society of Martha Wash. $ 10,000.00

Towards the bottom of the list we have :

Literacy Volunteers $ 3,000.00
BigBrother/Sister of So.TX $ 2,000.00
Boys Scouts of America $ 1,000.00
Girl Scouts of So.TX $ 1,000.00


  1. In other news, the sale of pitchforks and torches is up in the Gateway City.

  2. Hey, perhaps BOLAS could get a cut of the proceeds too.

    But if the organization was to strive to get anywhere near $60,000, it would have to be informative, educational, and worthwhile as the WBCA is.


  3. Hijole, ni pa' cuando. Who can be as educational and worthwhile as the bordertown bourgeoisie?


  4. Most Laredoans would not buy pitchforks and torches.

    *Mental note: market pitchforks and torches at Mami Chula's.

  5. Pero que sean de Frankenstein quality para que aguanten!

  6. Whiskey. Foxtrot. Tango. These ticks have no shame. Que chutzpah

  7. Actually the money going to SMW comes from a different pool, the Hotel-Motel tax, then the others. This is by state law I believe that SM tax funding has to be used organizations that promote tourism.

  8. Thans for the info. We appreciate any chance to get better informed. I guess a legitimate question would be if this is the best way to promote tourism.

    Thanks for reading/posting