Monday, October 10, 2011

Roker stokes the fire: Watch for 10-second bleeeeep on Bordertown: Laredo

"Bordertown: Laredo"
Hightlights: Bordertown Laredo features extended bleeeeping!

Al Roker gets all giddy when he has something fascinating to push in his quest for hitting the reality show jackpot. Not one to pull any punches, Roker figures he'll create more controversy and hopefully draw more viewers by proudly announcing that the Laredo-based reality show has to be bleeeeped quite a bit. I guess that's the kind of professionalism the Mayor keeps talking about.

From ZapIt.Com.

"Look, this is reality TV," Roker notes. "We don't get second chances. This is happening, and it would whether we were there with our cameras or not." And the reality extends to the words used: A drug bust sequence in the first "Bordertown: Laredo" episode contains one of the most sustained language "bleeps" in recent memory, lasting a good 10 seconds or so.

"It's raw, but it's real," Roker acknowledges. "That's what these guys have to deal with. What's fascinating about Laredo, and what I think sets this apart from other shows, is that I don't think we've ever seen a predominantly Hispanic-American police force. These are tough guys, and they get the job done. I think people will really be impressed."

Hey, Al Roker! Don't you mean that people will really be *#!*@**^*%#!  impressed ?


  1. Oooh. I can hardly wait for the first "ch**gada **dre."

  2. So someone had to get paid for this tele trash - where did the $$ go?

  3. Follow the money to city hall

  4. Maybe it went to "wheres Maldonado"

  5. Where's Maldo: someone related to me that they've seen in Austin more than once lately.